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Do You Want To Eat Cheesecakes, Ice Cream Sandwiches, And Chocolate Cakes Without Gaining Weight?

Keto Peanut Butter Pecan Bark!

Vanilla Keto Ice Cream!

Keto Chocolate Cake!

Good News! You Can Now Eat All of These In Your Keto Diet. You Can Also Enjoy Keto Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, And Even Ice Cream Without Any Guilt!

We are introducing luscious, soft Keto cakes, and cheesecakes that will take your heart away.

Your kids are going to ask for these cakes for sure ;) 

These Tasty Desserts Are 100% Healthy And Keto Friendly!

Unlike casual desserts, these deserts and cookies are not just a mixture of flour, sugar, and carbohydrates but are very healthy, gluten-free:

They are packed with low carbs and healthy fats!

You tend to lose weight when fat stored in your body is burned for fuel.

Losing fat also improves your focus and reduces inflammation

While eating casual desserts can make you feel lazy, bloated, and tired. You tend to gain weight and then feel guilty for destroying your diet plan.

Our Keto desserts are very healthy and can even beat the regular desserts in taste. 

They are enriched with all the essential nutrients, including good fats and a low amount of carbohydrate.

Our Keto Desserts Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth And Fill Your Body With Energy And Make You Slimmer...

Not only have we got Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Cake, and Cookies, but also Carrot Cake, Nut-Free Keto Brownies, Maple Almond Fudge, and Mini Cinnamon Roll Cheesecakes and much more for you in our Keto Dessert Book.

You can enjoy all these deserts without the fear of gaining weight. 

These Keto versions of desserts are not only healthier but tastier, too, than the regular versions of these desserts. 

You can enjoy these Keto desserts until you’re full and will still feel healthy.

Of Course, We All Hate It When We Have To Quit Our Favorite, Tasty But Unhealthy, Food Items Because Of The Fear Of Gaining Weight... 

Hey, I’m Rosa!

I’m a former first-grade teacher and now a certified health coach from the Health Coach Institute.

I’ve been a sugar addict in the past. We all want to eat dessert while still looking great and feeling energized.

However, I wasn’t allowed to eat so carelessly.

My family had a history of severe food allergies, and I had to be cautious all the time about what I should eat.

My parents had cut out junk food and always forced us to eat healthy food.

The other kids used to eat burgers, pastries, cookies, pies, etc., in their lunch at school. I was the only one to bring chicken, broccoli, and fruits as dessert.

Hi, I'm Rosa!

I used to gobble up cakes and sweets at my friend’s house. I always wanted to enjoy junk food and eat whatever I want, and I did the same when I grew up. 

I Stuffed My Body With All The Junk Food And Other Unhealthy But Trendy And Tasty Food Items For Years...

Being craved for years, once I got independent, I started eating everything like French Fries, Cheetos, Cakes, Cereals, Brownies, and Candy Bars. I enjoyed my food to the fullest.

I lived only on junk food for quite a while. However, while enjoying freedom, I didn’t notice for long that my health has started deteriorating at a rapid pace.

I got anger issues, and my family life got disturbed because of my terrible mood swings. I gained weight, and my old clothes didn’t fit me anymore. I gained weight, especially around my belly, and I got acne on my face. I felt tired and exhausted all the time.

Things kept on
getting worse... 

My Family Life Got Destroyed Because Of My Anger & Health Issues...

My husband also got addicted to my food habits. We had a daughter to take care of. All of this was very overwhelming.

documentary movie changed everything

It was then when I decided to transform my lifestyle for good. 

I tried a lot of diet plans, but none turned out to be working for me. One night, lying on the couch, I came across a documentary that changed my life completely. This documentary was based on a vegetarian diet and its benefits. I hadn’t thought of going vegan ever before.

After watching the documentary, I decided to try a vegan diet. I excluded all types of meat and dairy from my diet. But I didn’t quit my junk food, so I still felt unhealthy.

One night, while watching the documentary, I noticed that this documentary emphasized greatly how TERRIBLE the “Keto diet” is. After hearing such bad things about the Keto diet, I got interested in it instead of avoiding it. 

I searched for a Keto diet on the internet and came across many stories where people changed their life and appearance entirely with the help of a Keto diet. I was just totally amazed. I wanted to give it a try, and this diet changed me entirely forever. 

Within A Few Days Of This Diet, My Acne Vanished, And I Lost A Lot Of Extra Pounds From My Body...

The first two days of the Keto diet had been quite tricky for me. I had to withdraw sugar and felt annoyed, irritable, and tired because of my sugar addiction.

But to my SHOCK,
I felt great and active on the 3rd day. I used to feel tired and always wanted to have more sleep, but this Keto diet did wonders for me. All of a sudden, my body was full of energy, even in the morning and afternoon.

At the end of week 1, I didn’t feel bloated anymore and lost much weight. My clothes started to fit better again after so many years.

I got rid of those sugar cravings as my body adjusted to this diet well and started burning fat for energy.

My Mood Swings Disappeared, And I Started Feeling Hopeful And Optimistic...

Me with my daughter Jessica :)

I got my sane-self back after years.

Suddenly, I was able to keep up with my job, my husband, and my son. My blood sugar level dropped to normal, and I felt much more relaxed and comfortable.

I felt in control again, and my focus also improved. I was able to think more clearly. 

All of this happened because I got rid of tons of sugar stored in my body that made me crazy and moody all the time.

Skipping out sugar from my diet made me
feel light and tension-free. My husband also followed a Keto diet and got rid of sugar addictions too.

Keto Changed My Life Entirely...

I got slimmer, energetic, happier, and felt in control of my life again. I loved the Keto diet so much, and I performed so much research on it. Now I am no less than a Keto expert.

Although I loved how I felt during my Keto diet, I sometimes used to dream about all the tasty desserts I used to eat in the past.

I still go through stressful days and even want to enjoy desserts sometimes.

My love for sweets led me to search for some healthy Keto treats. I wanted to enjoy desserts within a Keto lifestyle. So I started surfing over the web and got many recipes on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., and started trying MANY of these recipes. 

All of these desserts were healthy, but
they couldn’t reach my taste standards of desserts. Finding a perfect Keto dessert recipe is not easy. All Keto sweets must not contain any inflammatory ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, seed oils, and dairy.

I Spent A Significant Amount Of Time Searching For Healthy, Simple, And Tasty Keto Desserts

It was quite tricky because even a Keto diet can turn harmful if you don’t do it properly. 

Almost all of the recipes I found over the internet claimed to be “Keto,” but they were either very complicated or were loaded with many inflammatory ingredients and dairy. 

Dairy is harmful and inflammatory for most people. It causes a lot of sinus problems, joint pain, and many skin-related issues.

Ultimately, I found some recipes with all the healthy and decent ingredients. I decided to give them a try. 

But unfortunately, every single recipe turned out to be terrible. 

The cookies were flavorless and flat, and the cakes were dry and hard.

They broke my heart, and I felt discouraged. 

Finally, I Decided To Cook Some Desserts By Myself That Will Be Keto And Will Be As Delicious As Regular Deserts

I was already an excellent cook. So, making Keto versions of desserts wasn’t that difficult for me. With minimal alterations in the regular dessert recipes, I turned them into healthier and even tastier Keto desserts.

I started baking Keto cakes, muffins, cookies, and even ice cream. These diets were Keto and healthy. I could bring the desserts made by myself to birthday parties, work events, etc. 

I met Kristen a year ago. We had the same love for the Keto diet, and we both immediately got comfortable with each other and started sharing recipes. 

She suggested that I join with her and launch a recipe book for Keto desserts.

We Named This Book “The Keto Desserts Cookbook,” Which Contained 87 Brand New, Unique, and Mouth-Watering Keto Desserts For Almost Every Occasion.

This recipe book is a complete guide to healthy Keto desserts.

We have tried to include almost every recipe you could think of - from truffles to pie crust and a lot more. 

It feels fantastic when you don’t have to quit desserts because you are following some diet plan. 

You can eat all the cakes, chocolate, brownies and anything you like without getting lazy, bloated and fat. You can eat all the desserts and still feel energized and won’t have a foggy mind. 

Here’s just a glimpse of the cookbook I created for Keto desserts.

9 Scrumptious Keto Cookies that Will Have Your Hand Reaching For the Cookie Jar

Our little daughter loves cookies, so these are a must in our house. Frankly speaking, I haven't ever met someone who doesn’t like crispy and tasty cookies.

Most of the Keto cookies are always very hard and dry, and they also either tasteless or taste very bad.

I didn’t want to compromise on the taste of these cookies, so I developed a cookie recipe and made sure that they are filled with healthy fats, great flavor, and soft and crunchy, just like regular cookies.

My daughter made funny faces showing her dislike for my early attempt to bake cookies. After some tries, I made cookies with fantastic taste and texture, and it’s even hard to keep my daughter away from the cookie jar now.

My husband also loves my cookies, and getting appreciation makes me feel so good. But I have mastered many other sweet dishes other than cookies. Cake is what we all love and is necessary for many occasions. So, I’ve added a good number of cake recipes in my cookbook. 

12 Rich Cakes for Every Occasion, So Good They’ll Have Your Friends And Family Begging For More

Most of the Keto cake recipes I found over the internet were flat, dry, and flavorless. These cakes weren’t presentable on any celebration like my daughter’s birthday. So get creative with cakes with amazing flavors that will win your heart for sure. I came up with some fantastic Cake Shake and Mini Cinnamon Roll Cheesecakes.

The cake recipes that I shared in my book are fast, easy, and can be used as a late-night snack. All of these cakes are 100% Keto and healthy. These are free of all the starchy and unhealthy ingredients like flour, sugar, and processed ingredients. 

All you are going to get are some delicious and juicy cakes that all your family will fall in love with.

That’s not all folks. Our Keto Dessert Recipe Book also brings you some frozen treats.

7 Fantastic Frozen Treats That Are Rich, Creamy, And Sweet

It’s quite clear now that Ice cream is my favorite dessert. Enjoying ice cream while sitting on a couch, watching Netflix is one of the fantastic experiences that you will ever have. 

Most of the Keto recipes I found on Google were not that good because they lacked the specific creaminess that ice cream is loved for. They were thin, grainy, and weren’t even that sweet.

Luckily I got the tip to make rich, creamy, and delightful ice cream that isn’t just sugar and fat but is truly healthy and tasty. My daughter LOVES my ice cream and asks me to make it for her in summers.

These ice creams and frozen goodies won’t make you bloated and tired. You will feel more energized and active because they’re 100% free of sugar. You can eat them all without compromising your weight and health.

There’s one more dessert category that can’t be missed ever, and our dessert range is incomplete without it, and that is none other than everyone’s favorite, “Chocolate Cake.” 

24 Sugar-Free, Yet-Still-Utterly-Delicious Chocolate Recipes To Indulge Your Every Craving

I always thought that chocolate is what wrecks your Keto diet, but I found out later that it’s not the chocolate but the sugar that makes it unhealthy.

This means you just have to find the right kind of chocolate that you can intake guilt-free. You just have to be creative and remove the sugar from it. 

You can make White Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs, Chocolate Brownies for your kids without stressing about any health factors. These will be free of flour, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other processed chemicals that can damage your kids’ health or halt your weight loss journey. 

Here Are some Reviews From The People Who Have Tried Out These Desserts... 

Imagine Following The Keto Diet 100% But Still Being Able To Enjoy Your Favorite Desserts...

We all go through bad days in our lives. We do get stressed too. The first time I started my Keto diet, it was tough for me to give up on love for desserts and control my sweet cravings. 

I got very stressed and overwhelmed, and I just wanted to eat something sweet to satisfy my food cravings. I did sometimes eat my favorite desserts that just brought me back to my starting point. 

But once I learned to make tasty Keto desserts, I quickly followed my Keto lifestyle while still enjoying ice creams and cakes.

Imagine eating a delicious, crunchy, and chewy chocolate chip cookie without feeling guilty or compromising on your health and fitness. Feeling light after eating dessert till you're full because your dessert is helping you:

  • Burn fat an​​​​d get slimmer
  • Maintain a normal blood sugar level
  • Get rid of you mood swings
  • Reduce cholesterol level
  • Normalize your blood pressure
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Clear out “brain fog" so you think and focus clearly

And you can enjoy the same taste and crispiness as regular cookies. This is simply remarkable. 

Who Can Follow This Keto Desserts Cookbook?

This dessert cookbook is for everyone out there who loves sweets and desserts. 

I’ve created these recipes with having “Taste” as my top priority. So even if you’re following any Keto diet, you can still follow all these recipes to make delicious and mouthwatering recipes for you and your family.

These recipes are not less than a treat for someone who is:

  • Trying to lose weight 
  • Trying to control their blood sugar level
  • Lactose intolerant
  • Gluten intolerant
  • Trying to lower their cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Avoiding sugar
  • Suffering from joint pain and inflammation
  • Stressed out and needs to feel relaxed

You can enjoy desserts as much as you can without disrupting your diet or feeling bloated or unhealthy. 

This book will help you fulfill your love for sweet and will keep you on Keto track. I’ve shared my personal experience here. Everything I’ve mentioned is tried and tested by myself. The idea of such cakes and desserts that make you lose weight instead of getting fatter is splendid. 

And the best thing is:

These Recipes Are Easier To Follow, And All The Recipe Ingredients Are Readily Available At Local Grocery Stores!

Speaking honestly, when I started trying Keto desserts for the first time, I wasn’t a great chef, but I liked cooking. 

However, I tried thousands of different Keto dessert recipes and came up with this recipe collection that will be great even if you do not have much cooking experience. 

There are no fancy techniques to learn or complicated steps. These recipes are remarkably simpler, easier, and delicious. 

Usually, most of the Keto recipes require “healthy ingredients” that are very costly and are available only at fancy health food stores.

And, spending years following a Keto lifestyle, I’ve realized that these fancy ingredients aren’t necessary, but they only make the recipe complex and costly. 

So I excluded all such ingredients. 

Almost all the ingredients in this recipe book are already available in your kitchen, or you can easily find them at a nearby grocery store.

Desserts Can Reduce Your Stress...

Desserts can genuinely change our lives. You will see a bright and lovely smile on your mother’s face when you present a home-made, fresh, healthy cake with the essential ingredient, and that vital ingredient will be “Your Love.”

Plus, you will make precious memories while baking cookies for your kids on Sunday afternoons or can enjoy your favorite show on Netflix while enjoying a bowl full of your favorite ice cream.

Desserts are just considered some sugary sweets, but, with a little effort, you can
turn them into healthy treats working for your fitness and wellbeing.
ou can eat them as much as you want without worrying about those extra pounds of fat that will make you lazy and inactive. Unlike healthy desserts, these will make you feel energized rather than bloated, overloaded, or exhausted. Once you try, you will get astonished that how some delicious and healthy desserts improve your life for real.

Let Us Make You A Very Special Launch Offer... 

Here we are introducing a Very Special Launch Offer. The actual price of this book is $29.99, but Kristen and I decided to give you a 77% discount to celebrate the launch of our first book.

  • 87 mouth-watering Keto dessert recipes
  • Keto, low-carb, sugar-free, Paleo, low-inflammatory, gluten-free ingredients
  • Full nutritional info for every recipe
  • Order today to save 77%
  • Digital, interactive cookbook will be emailed to you immediately
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That’s 77% off the regular price!

Digital cookbook will be emailed to you immediately.
Remember… You will never be re-billed or charged again - this is a ONE-TIME charge.

My IRON CLAD 60-DAY Triple Money-Back Guarantee

  • If you don’t like the recipes, do inform us. We will refund your money.
  • In fact, we're so confident that you will love this cookbook, and even if there is only one recipe that you didn’t like, you will get your money back.
  • Right after you purchase the book, you get access to private email support. If you don’t like these dessert recipes, let us know through the email directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my cookbook?

You will get your book immediately through email.

Is it easy to read? 

Yes! The Keto Desserts Cookbook is quite easy to read and comprehend. We’ve even included a printable version, too, to print out your recipes at home.

Is there a physical copy of this cookbook? 

Not yet! We are providing only digital versions of this cookbook right now. You can print it out easily.

Do your recipes include nutritional information? 

Yes! We’ve added the nutritional facts for every single recipe. We’ve mentioned the number of calories, fat, protein, and carbs for each recipe.

Are the sugar substitutes used in the book "zero-carb"? 

Yes! All sugar substitutes we’ve used are "zero-carb" for sure.

Who created the recipes? 

I, Rosa, created most of them, but Kristen added some recipes too. We then compiled them in the form of a cookbook.

What if I don’t like the recipes? 

I’d be despondent, but I understand that everyone has different taste standards. I have a 60-Day Ironclad Guarantee so you can try the recipes in our Keto Desserts Cookbook without any risk.

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