Refund Policy

We hope that you'll absolutely love our products.

You are fully protected by a 100% money-back return policy.

Here's how it works...

By placing an order on our website, you're agreeing to our refund policy. 

If for any reason you're dissatisfied at any time during the first 60 days after receiving your copy, simply email us at or contact us through Facebook messenger and we will review your case. That's a firm promise and commitment.

Due to the nature of electronic delivery of our products there are cases in which we can't guarantee a refund:

  • Order made by mistake
  • Meaning of any information on our product page was misunderstood. We encourage you to contact us with any questions prior to placing an order. 
  • A recipe from a Facebook ad is missing from any of our books. We can email you the recipes from the pictures separately upon request. 
  • Thinking that we're selling a paperback book. At this moment we only offer ebooks which is stated on our main page and at the checkout.
  • No recipes from the book have been cooked. Provided a customer doesn't have any medical conditions or diet restrictions preventing them from trying at least one recipe.
  • Not being familiar with what Keto Diet is and what it involves.
  • Not being happy with the sugar substitutes used in the book. We use only naturally sourced 100% KETO, 0 carb, sugar substitutes in our books which we tell our customers about on our main page. If you want to use any other substitutes you're free to do that. We encourage you to contact us with any questions about ingredients prior to placing an order. 
  • Thinking we're providing vegetarian or vegan-friendly recipes. Unfortunately, at this moment only some of the recipes are vegan or vegetarian friendly. Refund requests with the reason that our books are not vegetarian or vegan friendly will be declined.
  • A purchased book is not wanted after purchase without any specific reason provided.
  • Not being able to download any of the books using the links provided or not receiving an email with the links. We regularly check our download links and 9 times out of 10 our customer's can't download an ebook due to some kind of malware or other problems with their computers or email client. If you can't download any of the books for any reason just shoot us an email to and we will send you the files. The books you purchase are guaranteed to be delivered to you and we will not rest, until they are. :)

In most other cases we issue a quick hassle-free refund or we can help you resolve your concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

*Please Note: If for any reason, you can't find any required ingredients in your local stores or online, please contact us and we'll try help you find them or if it is possible we will issue a refund.

If you have any questions about your refund, please e-mail your question to Please include the words "Refund" in the subject line of your e-mail so that we can address your question quickly.

We reserve the right not to give a refund in case a recipe from a Facebook ad is missing from any of the books.

** If you have any allergies, please contact us before placing an order.

*** Our eBooks are delivered electronically, immediately after placing an order in the order confirmation email. Sometimes our confirmation emails may be mistakingly delivered to your spam folder instead of inbox so we encourage you to check the spam folder if you can't find our order confirmation email. If, for any reason the confirmation email has not been delivered you can contact us and we will send you your copy within 48 hours. 

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